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About MFD  :  Stations

Methuen Fire Department consists of four stations strategically placed to reduce initial response time. Whether the emergency is a fire or medical in nature, the same rule applies: SECONDS COUNT.

In addition to the traditional fire suppression and rescue tools, all apparatus are staffed by Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) and have portable cardiac defibrillators (a.k.a. D-Fibs).  D-Fibs dramatically increased the survival odds for anyone having a heart attack.

The Stations have been named after their coverage areas and are as follows:

Central - (white)
Built - Circa 1900

The Central fire station, located at 24 Lowell St. is the second building to operate as the Central fire station.  The original central was located at the top of the falls where the Lowell Street bridge is now.

In addition to an engine, Central also houses two full time ambulances, the incident/shift commander (Deputy Chief), a rescue (equipped with the jaws of life and other special rescue equipment), backup equipment, fire alarm, and the fire department administration offices.

Click here for more information on the beautiful stained glass window.

East End - ENGINE 5  (red)
Built - Circa 1920

West End  -  ENGINE 3  (orange)
Built - 1968

North End - LADDER 1  (green)
Built - 1984

The North End currently only houses Ladder 1 due to reductions in manpower and operational equipment.

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