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Old Class B Patch   Current shoulder patch worn on both Class B (everyday) uniform. This patch has a long history with M.F.D. For years it was the only patch until it was replaced by the 1976 patch (on the dress uniform) and then by the current Class A patch on both dress and everyday. A recent vote (in 2006) by the members of the fire department restored this patch to its spot on the Class B uniform.
Class A / B Patch   Current shoulder patch worn on Class A (dress) uniforms.  This patch was designed by Methuen High School graduate Michael Stumpo, Class of 1991, and was adopted for use, with modifications made by Fire Fighter David Collier.  Its was developed as part of the events leading up to the 150th Anniversary of the Methuen Fire Department (Celebrated in 1996).
Old Class A Patch
  Former Class A uniform shoulder patch.  This patch was uniform from around 1976 (our Nation's bicentennial) until the current patch replaced it.

A more detailed history of Methuen Fire Department shoulder patches can be found in the book written by Ken Doherty, "A History of Methuen and its Fire Department: One Hundred and Fifty Years of Service 1846-1996".

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