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About MFD  :  Line of Duty Deaths

The following men have lost their lives while in the service of this community:

John J. Quinn
JOHN J. QUINN:  The first Methuen firefighter that lost his life was John J. Quinn.  On August 25, 1914, while operating a hose line on a ladder extended to the third floor of a tenement on French Street, he was knocked from the ladder by a water surge and died of injuries from the fall.  He was 55 years old.




Dep. William J. Hynes
  The second firefighter to die on duty was Deputy Fire Chief William J. Hynes, who died of smoke inhalation at a fire in a rag storage barn on Chelmsford Street on April 16, 1946.  He had served for 39 years on the department and was 68 at the time of his death.




FF George Barlow
On December 13, 1948, after fighting a brush fire on Combination Street, George E. Barlow backed the truck into the East End Station and died of a massive heart attack behind the steering wheel. He was 54 years old.




FF Richard Hynes
RICHARD K. HYNES:  William Hynes’s son, Richard K. Hynes, was appointed to the Fire Department, on March 25, 1946, just three weeks prior to his father’s passing.  Ten years later, on December 15, 1956, Richard also lost his life.  While serving at the East End as one of a two-man engine company, he responded to an attic fire on Lippold Street.  After helping to pull the hose and set the pump, he collapsed in the snow and died of a heart attack.  He was 42 years old.





In 1885 Lawrence firefighter James Keegan, perished while fighting a fire at the Lee, Blackburn Chemical Works on Lawrence Street in Methuen.

In 1972 Lawrence firefighter William J. Carney died while fighting  a tenement fire on French St. Methuen.


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